Artificial Grass St Albans, Hertfordshire & North London

Artificial Grass St Albans, Stunning lawns!  | Harpenden | Hertfordshire | North London

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Artificial Grass St Albans: the perfect lawn all year round!

Everyone wants a lush green lawn, without the expense and effort of maintaining it. Properly installed artificial grass will enhance your existing garden and can be used in areas where turf would normally struggle.

• Shady gardens.

• Gardens with poor drainage.


• Dry gardens.

• Gardens on slopes, including banks.



Artificial grass is child friendly and always looks at its best, all year long!


Artificial Grass St Albans | Harpenden | top five garden design tips!

Artificial grass st albans


  1. Always pick an artificial grass with a deep pile and natural colour. For artificial grass St Albans, we recommend  George Davis Artificial Turf.
  2. Think outside the box.  Add interesting shapes to your artificial grass by adding curves to your lawn.
  3. Choose materials to contrast, breakup or frame your artificial grass:


artificial grass st albans
4. Add Plenty of drainage material before installing your lawn: you can’t see it but good layer of Type 1 and sharp sand/granite chippings will help you get that perfectly flat well drained lawn.

5. Finish off your lawn by brushing in layer sand: this helps the blades stand to attention gives the lawn that natural look!

Date: July 07, 2017