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Garden design Harpenden

Fertile Ground is a Harpenden Garden Design specialist.  For over 15 years, Fertile Ground have been offering Landscaping Gardening and Garden Design Services throughout Hertfordshire and North London.  Below are some of our key ideas for garden design Harpenden and St Albans.


Garden design Harpenden Ideas | St Albans | Berkhamsted | Herfordshire | North London

1  seating areas: use walls and changes in height to create your own outdoor dining room.

2 bar/BBQ areas: Construct out of Reclaimed Bricks or Rendered Walls, topped with natural stone.  Add natural stone coping stones to the top of rendered wall.

3 outdoor garden lighting: Extend the life of the party & enhance the mood by using zone lighting.

garden design harpenden idea: Colour LED Strips to add coloured lighting.


Small gardens:  Harpenden garden design | St albans | Berkhamsted |

Herfordshire | North London


Garden Design Harpenden

1. divide your space into ‘small rooms’.  A paved area for entertaining, with built in seating with storage space and have child friendly play area.  Artificial lawn  area, for low maintenance and all year round use.

2.  keep borders to a minimium. Use evergreen climbers to a create colourful ‘living wall’ on existing fences and walls (Trachelospermum jasminoides).

3.  create a focal point at the end of garden. Use specimen shrubs or architectural features to add depth to your garden.

cost saving: Clematis armandii  is a great climber that establishes & covers walls quickly.


Contemporary garden design Harpenden | St albans | Berkhamsted | Herfordshire | North london

Garden Design Harpenden

1. use contempory stone paving: large size granite or slate paving, laid in single sized pattern.

2. clean lines: rendered walls help to define seating areas & manage changes in garden heights.

3. slatted fence: can be used to give a contemporary feel to tired traditional fencing (finishes include: hardwood, softwood)

garden design harpenden tip: paint  softwood slatted fences in contemporary colours.

saving: black limestone can be used instead of slate.

Date: May 26, 2017