Paving St Albans

Paving St Albans

Fertile Ground, Stunning Paving St Albans !

Paving St Albans
Fertile Ground Garden Design and landscaping.  We have been installing natural stone paving and patios throughout St Albans, Harpenden and Herefordshire for over 15 years.

We pride our selves in the quality of our craftsmanship. Because we always use high quality materials.  As a result our current suppliers include London Stone, St Albans Stone  as well  EasyPoint jointing compound.


Paving St Albans: Natural Stone Paving

Our current finishes include:

  • Indian Sandstone Paving (Various colours) – because its extremely hard wearing and low maintenance.
  • Granite Paving (Black or silver grey) – because of its great non-slip surface , that has a slight sparkle!
  • Slate Natural Stone Paving – Rich in colour, hardwearing.
  • Porcelain Paving -because of its consistent colour, sleek stylish appearance  and hardwearing properties.

Paving Harpenden: Natural Stone Edging

Paving St Albans

Natural stone edging looks great, it’s a great way of adding detail to your paving area. Consequently stone edging extremely versatile and can be laid in straight formal lines or contemporary curves. While edging is great way to define a lawn, it can also be used to breakup large paving areas or create contemporary paths.

Due to its consistent texture and colour. EasyPoint pointing can give a crisp contemporary feel to your paving project.  Most noteworthy, its availible in a variety of colours to match and enhance your choice of paving material.

Materials for natural stone edging includes:

• Granite Setts.
• Sandstone Setts.
• Natural stone Paving.


Paving Hertfordshire: Steps, Paths & Stone Walling

Paving St Albans

Porcelain Paving St Albans: New Products & Design Tips!

Porcelain paving is currently this years new paving product that every ones is talking about.  Probably because its of  contemporary feel and stylish finish.  While being extremely hardwearing.  Most of all porcelain paving is availible in a variety of finishes and sizes (See London Stone).  Also because its rich in colour and  is particularly uniform.  Something that is sometimes hard to find in some Natural Stone products.


Porcelain Cladding and Stone Cladding:

DesignClad by London Stone is without doubt the new contemporary cladding product of the year.  It have been designed for example  to be used on walls instead of render.  Because  its uniform in texture and colour. DesignClad is of course resistant to the elements and extremely hardwearing.

Date: October 21, 2017